1. humansofnewyork:

    "Being disabled in America is like living in a third world country."


  2. humansofnewyork:

    "I remember sitting at my grandfather’s feet when I was eight or nine years old, while he sat in an old chair and read the New York Times. He tried to explain the creation of Israel, and the situation in the Middle East. And even though he was a rabbi and a holocaust survivor, he explained the viewpoints of everyone involved in the conflict. Then told me to decide for myself."


  3. Would you believe me if I told you

    I have a single, male roommate who only takes baths?

    He does not shower, he only bathes. This is not a joke.


  4. Some wise words from Dame Julie.

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  5. fictiontofashion:

    Outfit Inspired Marc Brown’s Arthur series.

    “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!” 

    Yellow Sweater | $59.99 at Modcloth

    Boyfriend Jeans | £240 at House of Fraser

    Red All-Star Converses | $80 at Converse

    Selma Messenger Bag | $228 at Michael Kors

    "Lyle" Eyeglasses | $95 by Warby Parker

    Silver Aardvark Brooch | $48 on Etsy

    Ugh I love Arthur.


  6. anthonymackies:

    Lupita Nyong’o in New York City (February 13, 2014 ).

    She is amazing.

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  7. GOLD. The whole thing, just pure Gold.


  8. latenightjimmy:

    Jimmy & The Muppets Say Goodbye To “Late Night” (w/ “The Weight” from “The Last Waltz”) 

    Jimmy & the Muppets perform “The Weight” by the Band for the last waltz of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

    This was PERFECT

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  9. inothernews:

    Mayor de Blasio is tall and the New York Times did a whole article about that fact and this is one of the photos they used to illustrate the story.


    (Photo of the 6’ 5-7/8” Mayor de Blasio with appointees Rose Pierre-Louis and Dr. Mary Bassett during a City Hall presser by Todd Heisler / NYT)

    Literally everything about this article is gold.

    "In a city defined by its verticality, Mr. de Blasio’s Bunyanesque build has proved to be a political bonanza, allowing him to tower over smaller rivals and command a crowded room just by entering it."

    “I love the mayor, and I want to be hugged by the mayor,” said Jimmy van Bramer, a 5-foot-7 city councilman from Queens. “But he’s so tall that sometimes I’m not sure where to go in for the hug.”


  10. policymic:

    This moment was weird.

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